Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Money's in the air

The Press Democrat reported yesterday (11/9), "Hwy 101 widening funds up in air". That may explain why it's taken the developers and their politician friends so many years to widen the freeway for even more growth.

All this time they've been looking for the money down here.

A box within the PD story reported the directors of the Sonoma County Transportation Authority voted Monday to raise executive director Suzanne Wilford's salary next year, from $100,500 a year to $107,535 plus perks.

Is the raise a reward for peddling the transportation tax measure? Supervisor and SCTA chair Paul Kelley told the PD, "The authority (board) feels like she does an excellent job advocating for transportation measures in Sonoma County."

After last Tuesday's election, it looked like County Measure M--voter approval to sell bonds, against the proceeds of a 20-year, 1/4-cent local sales tax surcharge--had barely squeeked by with 66.7% of the vote. But the vote may fall below the required 2/3 majority (66.66%) when 40,000 more absentee ballots have been checked and counted.

If Measure M fails after all, will the directors rescind Wilford's raise?

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