Thursday, June 03, 2004


FPPC to fine former Planning Commissioner Carlile $24,000

The State Fair Political Practices Commission is scheduled to fine former Santa Rosa Planning Commissioner Dick Carlile $24,000 at its June 10 meeting, according to the FPPC agenda: Carlile stipulated 5/26 to nine violations of the Political Reform Act: four counts of conflict of interest, and five counts of failing to fully disclose his private economic interests.

His stipulation acknowledges conflicts associated with his actions in connection with the Santa Rosa Golf Center, on Highway 12; Cobblestone Homes' Prospect Annex Apartment project, in Rincon Valley; a parcel map for Victor Trione's White Oak Drive property, near Oakmont; and Robert "Buzz" Pauley's The Rises project Downtown.

He also acknowledges failure to disclose owning stock in Sonoma National Bank; the proceeds of the sale of his previous office building at 565 West College Avenue; and income to Carlile-Macy from a variety of individual clients for several consecutive years.

The FPPC is expected to adopt an exhibit with this Conclusion:

"Conflict of interest violations are among the most serious violations of the Act, and historically carry a high penalty. Respondent's violations are aggravated by the fact that they are part of an on-going pattern of conflict of interest violations.

SEI non-disclosure violations are also serious violations of the Act. In Respondent's case, as a principal of a major civil engineering firm in the City of Santa Rosa, the non-disclosure of substantial economic interest, occurring over a period of four years, was especially serious because of the potential for numerous conflicts.

Civil engineer Carlile is president of Carlile-Macy, and currently owns 26% of the company. Carlile-Macy is the fifth largest civil engineering firm in the North Bay area, according to the North Bay Business Journal, with $5.2 million in 2003 revenues. Christopherson Homes (Skyhawk) and the City of Santa Rosa are among its major clients. Its offices are at 15 Third Street in Railroad Square.

Carlile was a member and Chairman of the Planning Commission for two terms 1997--2002, and was a Design Review Board member 1977--92. He resigned in December 2002 following a joint "Study Session" between the PC and DRB, at which he and Carlile-Macy partner Curt Nichols of the DRB reportedly received testimony from a C-M employee.

Carlile's wife Lynne has been a member and chair of the Board of Community Services. His partner Jack Macy was also on the DRB. Nichols is currently a DRB member.

Carlile's $24,000 fine compares to the $18,000 the FPPC assessed Supervisor Tim Smith for campaign finance violations a few years ago. The FPPC fined current Mayor Sharon Wright $14,500, and current Councilmember Janet Condron $3,000 in 1998. Both stipulated to conflict of interest violations, in connection with their employment by the Chamber of Commerce; and Wright also admitted failing to fully disclose her private financial interests.
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