Saturday, May 15, 2004


SR's sewage shakes The Geysers area

Santa Rosa's growth and development oriented City Council has spent many millions of dollars to treat Santa Rosa's sewage to almost drinking water standards, then spent millions more to pump millions of gallons of treated sewage 33 miles to The Geysers.

Injection of SR's sewage into The Geysers is causing record numbers of earthquakes. The weekly Seismo-Watch box in the Saturday Press Democrat said today (5/29/04),

"Activity at The Geysers geothermal area continued on its 'seismic rampage,' producing its sixth straight week at the century level. Activity this high has never occurred before and follows the controversial Santa Rosa wastewater injection procedure, which began late last year. Five quakes measured in the M 2.0 range with the strongest registering M 2.6. It was felt at Anderson Springs."
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